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Today, I'm gonna share something about this Wiko Lenny phone. This phone has been on the mobile world for quite sometime. So, I guess countless of people around the world have this mobile Android device.

Yesterday, I got a customer whose having problem with his Wiko Lenny phone, to be certain, it's a software problem. The phone doesn't properly turned on, and upon the system comes up you can see those messages like "Unfortunately blah blah blah has stopped." So the first thing I did was to make a hard reset. But no to avail, after making a hard reset the phone stuck on Wiko logo.

Now, the other option I had at that time is to make a USB flashing. What I mean is flash the device using a stock firmware via computer using Flashtool. Right after I flashed the firmware the phone is dead. The phone don't even response on charging, and the worst case is that my computer can't even recognized the device.
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I turned off my PC, reboot it, plugged the USB but all in all no reaction on the phone. To sum up the phone is totally dead. I thought it was the end for that Wiko Lenny and I should forget about it. Browsing the internet doesn't give me a rightful solution. Some of the posts available are all suggestions. Even mobile forums sites are reluctant to share their knowledge.

Well, the good news is, the owner gave me enough time to fix this horrible problem. So I did some experiment and I was able to fully flashed the Wiko Lenny phone until the power comes back in.

Anyway, I also created my own ROM for this phone, a combination of official ROM and my back up files taken from the same device.

I'm going to share this discovery and let's assume that Google led you here in this article because you too unintentionally wasted your Wiko Lenny phone.

Why Wiko Lenny Died After Flashing?

OK, we need to clarify ourselves why this kind of problem occurred knowing that we possibly flashed a correct firmware.

Android firmwares for MTK chips (MediaTek) consist of different partitions. These partitions are commonly known as Preloader, Recovery, Bootimg, etc. We need to understand that these partitions must be totally accurate. Preloader and many other partitions mostly have suffixes of ".bin" or ".img" extract the flashfile downloaded from any of these MTK devices and you will see how they were packed in a folder.

Dead boot, it is something caused by invalid partition flashed on any devices. In case of Android running under MTK chips, "Preloader" is the very sensitive part. Flashing a wrong 'preloader' and your phone is dead.

How to Check a Damage Preloader

Corrupted or deleted phone preloader causes dead boot, to confirm the situation try the following:
  1. Open the Device Manager.
  2. Take battery out of the phone.
  3. Insert the USB and connect it to the PC.
  4. Insert the battery.
  5. Check if the computer is detecting any devices.
If it's not, then you have your phone's "Preloader" is missing, a clear case of a dead boot.

Repair a Dead Wiko Lenny

How to repair it? First, you need to disassemble the phone and take the mother board out of the framing. There should be a few golden small circles with corresponding labels such as RX, TX, GND, VCC, VCHARGE, DM, DX, and many more. These are referred as "test points" but among them we only need to locate a certain one to allow the Wiko Lenny to boot again on the computer.
Image of Repair a Dead Wiko Lenny
On the board, check something like "COLO" or "KOLO" or "KCOLO." Using a soldering iron connect the said point to the ground (GND). In some other phones this test point isn't visibly written, in case try any point but avoid pins which is 4.x volts or higher, or else your device will gone forever. Well, for the case of Wiko Lenny you don't need to look for KCOLO. Since, I practically tested this myself photos were uploaded in this post and , hope it helps!
Please check the sources below for useful links and downloads.
Please Click:
Image of MT6572 Wiko Lenny Firmware Dead After Flashing
Wiko Lenny ROM Info:
The firmware is protected with password, you can leave a message in the comment below for me to answer but I don't really like spoon-feeding right after everything was already written on this article. But if you insist, .

Anyway, in case you encounter "invalid IMEI," see the post . Or better search my other articles here in my blog for troubleshooting the invalid IMEI.

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SP Flashtool might not work in the firmware provided.

Try installing Miracle Box instead.

Miracle 2.27A.zip (83M)

Download, extract, install, and place the loader in the same directory.

C:\Program Files\Miracle Box


Here is the link





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