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This typical kind of scamming is widely practiced in China, and the video uploader wants to warn you about this scam which is now attempted by someone in the bump to bump traffic in the Philippine busiest road of coastal Baclaran.

The video uploaded by certain shows an wasted guy pretending to be hit by a car. The man tried to play dead, pretends to be severely wounded, but someone video recorded the entire scene from the inside and he was then ignored.

Watch now and beware. This rarely happens in the Philippines but better backed up with some serious information.

Philippines Fake Car Accident - Scammer Caught on Camera!
Image of Scam Alert | Man Pretending To Be Hit By A Car in Baclaran
This afternoon on our way home, my family could've been a victim of a scam which involved a faker trying to get money from us by making us believe that we have caused him an accident.

We were traversing Baclaran area when we hit a usual traffic jam. We were cruising at around 10kph (and you could see this by playing the first part of the video) when we heard a loud bang on the right side of the vehicle. It seemed to me initially that I may have hit a beggar or a vendor whom we all noticed walking at the right side of our vehicle. We quickly stopped, I looked at my mirrors, and my eyes widened when the guy stood up so quickly, moved at the left side, and started knocking vigorously at my side window. He was (doing a fake) crying and looks like he was trying to let me see that he was hurt. Some cars in front of us (notice from the video again) even stopped as they may have seen the entire thing unfold from their mirrors as well.

Good thing we were not born yesterday. My wife was so quick to understand what was really happening. She was looking at him all the time when he was approaching us and she couldn't believe that we have hit him considering our speed, and also considering our rightful position in the lane. She discouraged me quickly and told me to not open the window, whatever the guy outside might be trying to say, as for sure, this is a form of a scam intended to get money from us. While he was still knocking vigorously at my side window, my wife took out her phone and tried to get a video of him. Upon him realizing that we might be getting an evidence of him, he just stopped, still (trying to fake) crying, and may be soliciting sympathy from other cars in the area.

Back to the other cars who have stopped to see everything happening, one driver of a gray Toyota Fortuner even rolled down his window, and told us "Wag nyo nalang pagpapansinin yun!" and he even gave us a thumbs up, maybe saying "Good job! You were not scammed!".

We just wanted to share this to all of our friends to be aware that such a scam does exist and we would like to warn everyone to be always vigilant while driving in the streets. Also, we would like to highly suggest that you guys get a dash cam, as things like these happen in the streets everyday. It is our responsibility to make these things known to the public (especially the authorities) to make the streets a safer place to drive in.

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