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The Philippine President Duterte made a stunning statement after saying that he will rename ‘Malacañang Palace’ into something that will reflects the pride of Filipino people.

President Duterte's astonishing declaration gained positive praises from various people adding that he could finally end the imperial slavery which brought by Spanish and American regime.

Thursday of August 25th this year, the president conducted his press conference in Davao City. Malacañang Palace is now a 200-year old building that house the historic superiority of different foreign countries enslaving Filipinos for many centuries.

President Duterte also shared some fragments of history to support his claim. For the president, it was only a palace back then when Filipino people were pressured to work under foreign aggressors. He stated that it's a palace only for Spain and America changing its name can put an end to imperialism.
Hindi naman palasyo yan eh. Noon lang’ yan sa mga panahon ng mga p****g-i***g pumunta dito at ginawa tayong alipin. ‘Yun mga Español pati mga Amerikano, sino pa?

~ President Duterte
The president encouraging Filipino people to start calling it as “People’s Palace of the Republic of the Philippines" or "The People's Palace" in short.

The most influential leader of the country President Duterte announced that anyone could even sleep inside "The People's Palace" especially the poor.
Image of Dream to visit and stay inside Malacañang Palace? President Duterte invited everyone to sleep inside
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