After Killing Drug Addict, Ilonggo Scavenger Tells His Tragic Story of 2-Years Wrongful Imprisonment ~ Kwentology

This story is originally posted in Facebook, and becomes viral since it is rapidly circulating around the social media. It was written by Krizna Gia Laguyo Narciso, we're not really sure if she was the exact writer though the most hits of likes and shares were coming from the Facebook user, herself. So, let's assume that we cleared ourselves away from authenticity issue.

The story is so heart-melting that netizen are sympathizing the man who is dealing with grievousness, and losing his loved one. It is written in Hiligaynon (Ilonggo native dialect). I will try my best to translate the story, please bear with me, English is my third language, expect grammar errors anyway.

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While gabantay kg ghigda sulod tiangge ni mama. May lalaki nga naglabay kg namangkot 'day gpamakal pa kamo scrap?' In a lambing way tone~ sabat man ko 'oo nung pero wala pa di ang tag-iya kay may ginpangkwa pa sila na scrap.' Sabat man sa 'cge day mahulat2 lang ko di a.' Sabat man ko 'cge nung pungko lang da.'

After a few minutes nag kumod2 sya abi ko buang sa or ga drugs pero ginapamatian ko ang kumod ya hmbl ya ('ikaw na pigado, gpang scrap nalang gani ang tawo para mkakaon, tapos munuhon mo nadag2 ang celpon ka baye sa dalan tapos ako pa pahugon sang pulis nga palukpan kg pa bubo yapa sakon ang sako ko nga gna bitbit nga unod scrap. Amo nalang ni ya gali sbng ang batas? Angay cya ipa duterte! Para makakas sya sa position ya. Kalain lng sa boot ko ngaa amo na sila mag trato sa mga tawo nga pigado.') So after ko mabatian gna kumod ya, ga tango2 lng ko cya kay cguro gna pautwas ylng ang natabo sini nga aga. After sng kumod ya nag open up sya about sa life nya (diba day sa gwaan pa to ang inyu scrapan? Nagsaylo kamo d? Mayu kay ntultulan ko pa lawig nmn ko abi la kpa scrap di kay napreso ko 2 years') so ako kalmado lng gyapon kg gpamati cya and i don't usually talk sa nd ko gd kilala pero sini nkwa ya attention ko pra mamati cya, so gn ask ko sya (ngaa na preso ka haw? While himas2 sa tyan ko.) gnsabat yako (kay nakapatay ko didto sa victorias) gntulok ko sa mata sa mata kg amo man sa, gnstorya nya ang tnan nga ntabo, Gnpamatian ko sya pra ko pgd ang tood na storya kung ngaa nkapatay sya hmbl ya (asawa ko piang na bulag pa gpangalimos lang na gani asawa ko kg ako gpangwa lang basura tapos ang putos2 sa plastic na kwarta gnkwa pa nila, kay day gashabu sila mayu na nga c duterte na sbng ang presidente kay gna amat2 na sila. Amo na nakapatay ko addict kay amo na gnhimo nila, npreso ko 2 ka tuig pero mapatud.a sa ulihi nga wala ko sala kay wala mn ko nalagyo') sa cge ko pamati cya gn ask ko sa liwat ('t nung diin na imo asawa?') Gnsabat yako (patay na, nbungguan sya sang slakyan samtang ara ko sa presuhan') sa cge ko kpmati nkabtyg mn ko klooy kay ano bla feeling kung ara ka sa presuhan tpos npatay pa asawa mo.

So after na cge sya gyapon storya parti na sa self nya nga gnbata sya knu sa tun.og kay mama ya nbuang tungod sa drugs kg napatay sang 2yrs old plng sya tungod naglumpat sa dagat , ni nd ya kilala kung sino iya pamilya sa side sng mama ya. Mama ya si Juanita Labricang kg siya si Nico yangyang, taga Palawan, nag lawig lang d sya sa bacolod tungod tga diri iya npangasawa. Ginpmngkot ko sa kung may plano pasa magbalik sa iya pmilya sa palawan sabat ya (oo dai kaso wala pa inugplete cge lang amo gid n ang kbuhi ta.) kung makita nyu mn lng sya kun kis.a maglabay sa panimalay nyu dako nga bulig cya kung may recycle kamo na basura like plastic bottles etc. nga ihatag cya. ☺️Nag pa scrap sya kg 32pesos ang kabilugan sng gnpmasura ya. Wala sa kabalo nga gnkwaan ko sya photo atleast sa amo ni nga pamaagi bc plang may mkakilala cya kg makita yana ang pamilya ya sa palawan. Biskan ano na ka budlay sang inagyan n nong nico sa kbuhi nya nahimo ya gihapon mpakadlaw kaugalingon ya Godbless you manong!

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Before heading to the story let's check first the most accurate meaning of 'wrongful imprisonment'.

Wrongful Imprisonment

Definition: Noun [Uncountable] Legal

Serving years, even decades in prison for a crime you didn't committed, miscarriages of justice, mistaken convictions, the conviction and punishment of a person for a crime they did not commit, wrongful convictions.

Ilonggo Ex-convict Finds Appease with President Duterte

While attending over and lying inside my mom's junk shop. A man passed by and asked me, "Miss, are you buying scraps?" In a lambing (sweet or tenderness) way of tone ~ I answered, "Yes mister, but the owner isn't here yet since they are collecting other junks." And he answered back, "OK, then I just have to wait here anyway." Then I replied, "OK mister, have a seat."
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After a few minutes he started blabbering something, I thought he is mentally ill or drugged but I keep on listening to what he says, and he said, "Indeed, you are poor, a man collecting junks for food, but then just tipping off a woman for unconsciously dropping her phone on streets you will then subjected to police intimidation, threatened to shot me and directed to poured out everything inside the sack I'm carrying on which is full of rubbish. Is this really how unjustful nowadays? He must be reported to Duterte! So that he will be taken out from his position. I am upset, why do they have to miserably treat such poor people?"

After hearing his story I only nodded at him, maybe he's just freeing himself from what happened this morning. Later on he started to open up about his life. "Miss, your shop wasn't it located at the frontal alley before? You moved here? I am glad to find you here anyway I stopped scavenging because I was imprisoned for 2 years."

I am still calm and keeps on listening to him. I don't usually talk to strangers, but he caught my attention to hear him out. That's why I started to asked him some questions. "Why you were imprisoned?" (while pampering my tummy). And the man answered, "Because I killed someone in Victorias." I stared him in the eyes, and he told me everything that happened.

I listened to him to learn more about the truth why he resorted to kill someone. He said, "My wife was crippled and blind, she was a beggar and I am a scavenger, then with just a small plastic pouch of money they took it away from her. Because miss, they were in drugs. I am glad that it is Duterte now a president, and now they are gradually disappearing. That is why I killed an addict because of what they did. I was imprisoned for 2 years, in the end I proved my self, it's not my fault and I never attempted to escape either."

I continue listening to his story, I asked him, "So Mister, where is your wife anyway?" He replied, "She died already, she was hit by speeding vehicle while I was in prison."

As our conversation continues I started to feel sorry for him, that feeling of losing someone so dear and you were not there because of imprisonment.

He never cease to tell his life, he even stated that he was born out of nothingness. His mom was mentally distracted because of drugs, and was killed while he was 2 years old by jumping into the sea. He don't have any family, aside from his mom who died out and her name was Juanita Labricang and this poor man named Nico Yangyang, from Palawan. He stayed here in Bacolod for quite some time because his better half lives here.

I asked him, "Do you have any plan going back to your family in Palawan?" He responded, "Yes miss, sure! But I don't have the money yet, this is the only way I do for my living."

Helping Out Kuya Nico

If you find him wandering around your places, it would be a big help to hand him over your recyclable plastic scraps such as plastic bottles. He sold all of his collected scraps, in total he earned only PHP32. He don't have any idea that I took some of his photos. Well, I'm hoping that with these, for at least we can find the way to help him out. Maybe, someone from Palawan is looking for him, his family.

Despite of the harshness life threw at "big bro Nico", he never stops from being happy and pure.

God Bless you Manong!

Ilonggo Dialectal Facts

  • Ilonggo or rather Hiligaynon known to have the sweetest tone among Philippines 120 to 175 local dialects.
  • Manong is what siblings called to the older brother, in Filipino comparable to "kuya".

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