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Every Pokémon trainer had their own personal list of favorite Pokémon, animated TV series shows how cute and bizarre these Pokémons are. But most of the time some Pokémon made it very popular that even kids can identify them easily. These pocket monsters were introduced in animated series, movies and notably in games.

Judging on the opinions, so far the fame they've garnered were simply because they are the basic starter Pokémons. Pokémons that were very first to exposed on TV, films, gaming console and now the mobile gaming app Pokémon GO.

I had collected few of them and these are;

Image of Jigglypuff
The cutest among Pokémon, Jigglypuff resembles like a fluffball. The Pokémon can inflate itself, and blushing makes it even more closer to a cotton candy.
Image of Blastoise
The fully evolved form of Squirtle. It was introduced in the console gaming, the Pokémon Blue version. The evolution starts from the small water-type Squirtle, then Wartortle, and the final form Blastoise.
Image of Charizard
On the Anime, Charizard is portrayed as a dragon with attitude. Ash's problems with fire dragon has been quite difficult, not until Charizard acknowledged his master. Charizard was the cover of the Pokémon Red version. The evolution started from Charmander, into Charmeleon, and then Charizard. Both Blastoise and Charizard are extremely large Pokémon that any low level trainers didn't want to messed with.
Image of Evee
The title 'cutest' shouldn't be monopolized by Jigglypuff, Evee sure is another level when it comes to appearance and power. This fuzzy guy resembles a little fox. One of the Pokémon with different variation of evolution. Elemental stones figure the exact evolution for Evee, considering the stone being used during the process, Evee can evolve to Vapereon (water-type), Flareon (fire-type), and Jolteon (electric-type).
Image of Venusaur
The living plant box, once to be a cute little Bulbasaur. When it comes to loyalty Bulbasaur wins the throne. This grass-type Pokémon opposed the moody Charizard, provides excellent behavior and caretaking. From Bulbasaur, it evolves into Ivysaur, and finally evolves into Venusaur. In the animated series, aside from Pikachu, Ash starter Pokémons were Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.
Image of Mewtwo
Unlike other Pokémons mentioned above, Mewtwo is not a starter Pokémon, instead catching this unsociable Pokémon spurs a new chapter for the game. In the classic Pokémon Blue and Red versions, Mewtwo was a stagnant Pokémon living alone in the cave near Cerulean City. Finding him will lead you to dungeons, and you must prepare your Masterball. In order to obtain this powerful character, you need to beat him in the very tough battle. Mewtwo uses psychic abilities during the game, this power also helps him in communicating with his trainer.
Image of Pikachu
Undeniably the most adorable Pokémon, the famous of them all. Pikachu is an little electric mouse who hates being sealed inside the Pokéball. In the anime, Pikachu is sure a starter Pokémon but in various console game versions the mouse is not in the choices. For Pokémon Go users, you should firmly reject three starter Pokémons (Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander), this will soon reveals Pikachu. Ash and Pikachu are best of friends, a Pokémon walks along with his trainer and constantly refuses the evolution. Team Rocket had multiple failed attempts of catching Pikachu for believing that this electric-type monster is much powerful compare to others. On the Pokémon Yellow Version, you and Pikachu can play together completing the Pokédex.

The Pokémon Animated TV series forces Ash Ketchum to take Pikachu as his partner. His Pikachu portrays an odd behavior of resistance from the Pokéball, instead the Pokémon walks around his master. If you were Ash, which starter Pokemon would you choose? Tell us in the comment box below!
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