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China had lifted its travel advisory against the Philippines. Finally, the affiliation between China and the Philippines once again restored.

Beijing announced of removing the moratorium on travel restrictions in the Philippines and such huge leap happened on the third day of the state visit of the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Wanda Corazon Teo lauded the decision of government of China to remove its official advisory to every Chinese citizens to take serious cautions while travelling the Philippines. The previous travel warning has something to do with the decision of the international court in favor of the Philippines in connection with the territorial dispute in the West Philippine Sea. The international ruling severed the bond of the two nations.
Image of Premier Li and President Duterte, met
The territorial conflict was settled right after the Philippine President Duterte made his personal visitation in China.

The Linking Nations; China and Philippines

As per DOT secretary Teo, the decision of the Chinese government is extremely favorable that benefits the interest of Philippine tourism.

Meanwhile, in the year 2015 there were 490, 841 Chinese citizens visited the Philippines, of which 24.28 percent higher than the year 2014 which has a total of 394, 951.

While from January to July this year 2016 had reached 422, 801 Chinese tourists visited the Philippines, which is in the third place with 11.95 percent market share, followed by Korea and the US.

Teo added that even there was a travel restriction from China back then, the arrival of the Chinese travelers in the Philippines is never-ending.
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