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WATCH: Performance of Brgy. Granada in Bacolod City Public Plaza the declared Grand Champion in Street and Arena Dance Competition Barangay Category.

Bacolodnon (bah-koh-lod-nun) applauded the awesome performance presented by participants of Brgy. Granada.

Netizens however observed some of the group members are not in sync, timing isn't perfect. Furthermore, music choice for the mass dance is lacking of indigenous ambiance.

Although such performance may have some flaws, there is no doubt that the yearly celebration of Ilonggos in Bacolod brings huge asset for Negros island tourism.

Congratulation, Bacolodnon for another year of harvesting celebration!

MassKara Festival Facts
The schools division and the barangays are two categories of MassKara dance competition. It is the third straight years of victory for Brgy. Granada since the year 2014.
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Image of Video | MassKara Festival 2016 Grand Champion Performance
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