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The seven African leaders gathered at the African Union headquarters in Ethiopia on Tuesday to formulate a new initiative resolving the five-year crisis in Libya.
Image of ربي يحفظ ثوار ليبيا كلهم الثوار الصح الي في الجبهة مش ثوار الكذب والتضليل ربي ينصركم ويفتح عليكم ويردكم للاهلكم ولليبيا سالمين امره هذي نبو ثوار الجبهات هم الي يشدو. ويحكمو البلاد الله اكبر ولله الحمد
The leaders of Chad, Congo, Ethiopia, Niger, South Africa, Sudan and Uganda discuss how African initiative can help providing a rightful resolution to resolve the ongoing Libyan crisis. The African Union panel on Libya is backed by the United Nations.
There is no military solution to the Libyan crisis and this must be understood by all stakeholders.

~ President of Chad and chairman of African Union, Idris Deby
The African Union aims to immediately consolidate all Libyan stakeholders to be able to discuss with them and draft the said initiative .
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