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The famous Chicago Cubs baseball team, have triumphed the victory on their shoulders, almost after a century. That is a big time for any sports team, to win a world championship. It has been a long wait for this team to clinch the title, a tremendous amount of effort has been put. It’s time to celebrate and the fans are going gaga all over the state and country.

Chicago Cubs had a nail biting match against the Cleveland Indians; the match lasted till the wee hours of early morning. The sports centers on the night of the match were in a big buzz with fans flocking into the stores. Fans have waited since ages to enjoy this epic moment, there was no chance of giving it up. The frenzy fever was getting on a high and the complete arena in the field was all for cheers.

It is the first major league team which won three consecutive back to back World Series. It was back then in 1908, now after 108 years they have finally won it all over again. To put the words right, history has been rewritten on the night of 3rd Nov ‘16. It was the greatest nights off all the nights of the baseball match in Chicago. It can be said that, it was the best Thanksgiving gift to the citizens of the US.

A sport brings all kinds of people to one place and makes them get together. The night on the day of the match was a sight to see, people were crammed in all parts of the state. Of all the places Wrigley Field was dazzling, delightful and larger than life with crowds thronging from all the corners. Hopes were set high, the people wanted this right to the core, and eyes were set for the trophy.

It was raining and everyone waited for long hours, they were willing to pay extra charges. All they wanted to do is to watch the match and enjoy it to the fullest. Though everyone, were unable to watch the match in person, the love was shown well. The cheers from the crowds, exhibited a large amount of emotions from everywhere.

All the clubs and bars were jam packed with the lovers for this game. Thank god for the French doors and windows in these sit outs, people were able to watch the match through them. Only a glimpse of the match was available to watch from the sidewalks and windows at the clubs. The folks didn’t leave a chance of not watching the match in any manner.

The fondness for this team and game has been enormous and overwhelming as well. They were tamed with a name called as players who would love to lose; now they are no more the same. Game 7, it was in bits with the audience, it was really a close call. The convincing lead player on the team was happened to disappear, as the opponent tied the run.

People thought, it was happening all over again and were absolutely not ready for it. The game went on and cubbies won the match with a score of 8-7 in 10 innings. There was a delay in the match for 20 minutes due to rain; maybe luck was in the favor of cubbies. After winning the match, the fans took it to the streets, they were celebrating like there was no tomorrow. A few youngsters climbed onto the trees to get a better view of the celebration.

A few more broke down into happy tears as they have been as great fan of the cubbies since their childhood. It was no less than a New Year celebration; the fans roamed the streets with flagging the team’s flag. This achievement is crucial, as it has been the longest dearth for the championship in the US sports history. It is ought to be celebrated in a legendary fashion.

The Cub’s have hit on the bull’s-eye this time and is never going to look back. From the losers of all time to the champions of the world, it has been a long journey. But, right now, they have made a mark which can never be vanished. A wait for so long has really been worth more than anyone could think of. It has been almost a week since the cubbies have won the world championship; the frenzy fever of happiness is on a high.

To honor this wonderful accomplishment, we need to support the players by getting the gears and sporting it. The best way to express our love towards the team and players is by getting the championship gears. Sports stores are filled with the championship gears such as T shirts and caps. Everyone is in fits for grabbing one for themselves; few got disappointed as they were unable to do so.

We don’t need to be disappointed anymore; we can have our own collection of the gears. All we need to do is Uber it; they have recently launched service for the fans of the Chicago Cubs. This ride hailing company likes to help people out in each and every possible way. They started just with a peer-peer riding service, but, now they are going places to where people can’t think about.

A business expansion is what we can see, reaching out to the masses. There have been a few collaborations in recent past with different big companies. Now, after the winning of the cubbies, they are now delivering the championship gears to the fans. An option on the menu is available called as “CHAMPS”. We need to select this option to get the gear for ourselves.

Fanatics are one of the online marketer’s, which manufactures and trade the sports gear to efficient and professional sports squads. They have collaborated with Uber for to sell off the Cubs championship gears. This organization will be resourcing it to Uber for it to be sold out in the multitude. Previously, Uber also supported the Cubs, by giving around 10,000 rides for the fans to reach their havens safely.

Before we get out, for our work and start the celebrations at our work place on a full swing. Why not we sport the championship gear to our work and flaunt it off? But, we need to hurry up as they are following the FCFS service for selling. The demand for the gears is pretty high; we need to make sure to get it before the stocks are out. The stocks for the gear are limited and the sales team head conforms to fill up the stocks.

Sports stores have stocked their warehouse with these championships gears. After the winning tournament, people thronged to the stores. All the gears were sold out and the dealers are bringing in more stocks. Even the online marketers are being no less than the conventional retailers. They are up for the competition in the sales of the gears. It will be a head on battle as the demand is considerably high.

If we are lucky enough, the app will show us the availability of the gears on the application. We can buy the gear at $28 and it will be dispatched to our location. Uber driver will be in service with these gears to be delivered at the respective locations in a short time. This is one of the best services, the public is receiving through Uber; it is a memory which will last for a lifetime.

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