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Robin Padilla drafted his personal appeal to America sparing him a US visa to be with his wife Mariel Rodriguez during her child delivery.

Robin who is still optimistic wrote a letter to follow up the previous request of getting a US visa and sent it directly to the Non-immigrant Visa Unit.
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If anytime his plea shall affirmatively granted, the actor is ready to set a schedule flight to be present beside Mariel who is about to give birth with a baby girl named Maria Isabella de Padilla.

Robin Padilla Message to the American Embassy
Dear Sir/Madam,
Greetings of Peace!!! I am Robinhood Padilla, 46 years old, born on the 23rd of November 1969, a natural born Filipino of Spanish ancestry and considered a big tax payer citizen of the Republic of the Philippines. I am writing your good office upon the recommendation of my employer, ABS-CBN multi-media network in connection with the letter of support and willingness to sign a waiver of guarantee to advance and bring progress to my long plea of Acquiring a Tourist Visa. It is actually an honor for me to be just on the wait and not pressure your good office just to prove my very positive with good intentions to the United States of America. But my situations right of this moment is urgent. My American wife is giving birth soon and she needs me more than ever vice versa. I pray that your good office will find merit on this latest development regarding my US visa application. God Bless. Amen.

Robin had been submitted attempts to get a US Visa for almost a year, and since then his appeal was hold due to his denied civil rights. He may have humanitarian parole, unfortunately it is too limited since most of his civil rights were removed like the privilege to vote in governmental elections.

The eagerness of getting an American visa is so comprehensible due to the fact that Mariel suffered from numbers of miscarriages.

Hopefully with this letter of appeal, after much delay, Robin may eventually obtain the purpose of his action — that hard to get US Visa.
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