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A call to action on November 25, 2016

#NeverAgain #NeverForget

We victims of Martial Law, linking arms with the youth and students of today, call on all patriotic and democratic forces, to come together on November 25, 4:00pm at Luneta, as well as in other parts of the country, for a national day of unity and rage against the Marcos hero's burial. Let as rage against the revision of history and the reversal of the people's judgement. Let us hold President Rodrigo Duterte accountable for allowing the burial. Let us reject Duterte's alliance with the Marcoses that is aiding in the rehabilitation of the dictator and the return of his heirs to Malacanang. Let us hold accountable the Supreme Court for insulting the victims of the dictatorship and for obfuscating the crimes of the dictator. Let us work for genuine democracy and for a change in an unjust system that breeds tyrants and plunderers and fosters shameless political accommodation and compromise .

Let us come together to proclaim that we will never forget and that we will continue the unfinished struggle for genuine freedom, democracy and justice.

This peaceful rally invites Filipinos from all walks of life to come together in remembering and in protest. It is not a partisan activity serving vested political interests. The rally is being organized to provide a venue for our collective indignation, to show those in power that the fight does not end with the interment of the dictator's remains. It is a chance to share stories of the past, and instill hope for a better future. It is also an educational and cultural event, a coming together of various generations, all longing for real change.

On November 25, let us stand up and be counted. Wear black and gather in Luneta!

Tuloy ang laban!

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