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Teachers are indeed our secondary parents. The time we spent with them during the school days is much longer compare to our real parents.

Some are soft-hearted and some are terrors.

Despite these differences, one thing is for sure... they exist to teach us. Giving us the fundamental ideas on how to cope with this world we're living.

A teacher's professional duties may extend beyond the formal way of teachings. Especially, in remote areas where you need to travel just to reach your students.

How far you could go in the name of your profession?

A Candid Photo of a School Teacher Riding in a Carabao Sled

As one of the teachers who is deserving for a bonus this Christmas. Let's take some answers by looking on this photo. Because I believe that even a single photo can speak thousands of words.
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The photo was shared on Facebook and probably taken from .

An unidentified school teacher is on her way to school riding a bamboo-made carabao sled. In Hiligaynon (local dialect of Negrense/Ilonggos), carabao sled or bamboo cart is also called "karusa."

Bamboo Carabao Cart Still Exist in the Province of Negros
Karusa is commonly used for local farming in Negros Occidental. Most of the time to carry heavy loads of crops for shipment. Needless to say, transportation includes human as passengers. A trained carabao can haul even a family or two.

On the photo we can see that the teacher is crossing the overflowing trench with the help of her skilled water buffalo.

Philippine Public Teachers to Receive Bonuses this Yuletide Season

Netizens commended the teacher, exemplary as they say. She loves her profession and dedicated to it.

Some however left commentary that they are expecting a bullet train from President Duterte, and was answered sarcastically that the government is currently busy doing things like TokHang. The statement that is a radically frigid knowing that for at least the government promised to reward all public teachers a doubled-bonus this Christmas.

I hope that we could soon learn the real identity of this passionate teacher.

May God have His traveling mercy upon you ma'am and bless you as always.
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