Mark Anthony Fernandez Suicide Attempt in Jail? ~ Kwentology

A very disturbing rumor is now circulating online claiming that Mark Anthony Fernandez attempted to commit suicide while inside his prison cell in Angeles City, Pampanga.
Image of Mark Anthony Fernandez Suicide Attempt in Jail?
According to the report, the former matinee idol sneaked a scissor which he secretly took from one of the prison employed barbers who regularly provides haircut to the prisoners.

A follow up report revealed that there are indeed bandages on his arm. However based on the first information, the wound was obtained when Mark Anthony Fernandez joined in the previous basketball game held inside the jail.

There's no clear confirmation or any reactions from reliable sources until this moment. But this is indeed disturbing news circulating on the social media.

In any case, if the this rumor is valid, let's continue to pray for Mark Anthony. The more restrictive jail guarding must be put into action.
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