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MNLF chairman Nur Misuari straightforwardly pointed Malaysia was involved in kidnapping for ransom activities. Misuari made this vocal declaration in their joint statement of President Rodrigo Duterte in Malacanang Palace.

Misuari stated that someday he will file legal suit to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to charge their leader.
Nur Misuari Forthright Accusation Against Malaysia
And apart from that, our source is saying that since Malaysia is the one who is involved in this kidnapping for ransom, probably, one day, I will drag their leaders into that International Criminal Court. I have all the evidences in my hands.
Image of Nur Misuari Claims Malaysia was Involved in Kidnap-for-Ransom Activities
My people are everywhere and besides, they cannot escape because they are hiring my own people. Even Sipadan, they hired my cadre officers, because they opt for the millions and then they have the ball to ask one of my nephews here, “we want to see the chairman.” They suggested Jeddah or Saudi Arabia, Mecca then they said we’ll meet at his camp. Then recently they said, let us meet, advance our meeting in Indonesia. He is one of my members of my delegation now. I said: “Stop it, I don’t have the heart to see these people.

~ MNLF chairman Nur Misuari

According to Misuari, he holds all the evidence, witnesses and also have staff to prove his allegations that all the attacks were paid by Malaysia.

Misuari cited the Sipadan hostage crisis where few of his cadre officers involved and received bribes from Malaysia. In which he said condemns the MNLF for the kidnappings.
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