President Duterte Fires Back at Corrupted Journalism Leaving Daily Inquirer Reporter a Very Remarkable Moment of His Life ~ Kwentology

President Rodrigo Duterte stunned the media community once again, departed the stage with his last statement.
"Such a small-time reporter."

~ President Rodrigo Duterte


An reporter passive-aggressively asks Pres. Rody Duterte about the propriety of his remarks about VP Leni Robredo's smooth knees. Duterte then gave the reporter one the most unforgettable moments of his life.

During the Yolanda (Haiyan) Commemoration Ceremony the day before, Duterte public joked that Robredo's knees are smooth and had no calluses, after he castigated the past administration for bungling the Yolanda rehab efforts. "Smooth knees" is a Cebuano idiom used to refer to someone who's lazy or idle.

Rude Reporter or Presstituted Journalism?

This is the problem with the mainstream media, just to get something to say, even the trivial things are being brought to news. President Duterte broke the heated environment by joking after his furious statement of disappointments.
. There are several important things he had discussed in his speech on the anniversary of Yolanda tragedy. All of these were seem to be ignored and media focused on the remarks about "smooth knees" of Vice-President Leni Robredo. The initial articles submitted by the mass media were written as "legs" instead of "knees" so the President Duterte repeatedly asked, "What's wrong with the knees?"

President Duterte Versus Presstitution

The president also uttered his dissatisfaction with the previous administration because of unfinished projects in Tacloban since the last three years. President Rodrigo Duterte also gave an ultimatum to the staffs of the government that Yolanda rehabilitation should be completed immediately.

Image of President Duterte Versus Presstitution

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