Typhoon-Damaged Crops Bought By NFA at the Lowest Price ~ Kwentology

People of the northern Philippines suffered financially after millions of pesos worth of rice soaked in the floods brought by the recent typhoon Lawin. Rice grains were not yet fully developed, and starting to shaping up when the devastating typhoon hit the country. It is impossible for the farmers to do the early harvesting.
Image of This is the kind of problem which has shackled our farmers in endless poverty as they lose money most of which they borrow from middlemen and traders who charge exorbitant interest fees.
Therefore, the National Food Authority (NFA) in Regions 1, 2 and 3 immediately assisted farmers by buying yielded rice but unfortunately at the lowest price. The steps to purchase typhoon-damaged crops was first suggested by the Secretary of Agriculture Emmanuel 'Manny' F. PiƱol while he was in Salinas City, California for the preparation of the huge Trade and Agri Fair in Palm Springs on the 2nd day of November this year.

According to the NFA, the price fell down at the rate of P11 per kilo this is applicable to the typhoon-damaged crops that could possibly benefit the agency. It is lower than the previous buying NFA buying price amounting to P17 per kilo and with an extra incentive by P0.70 per kilo.
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