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Boracay Island - Two of the victims were confirmed dead, and the other one is severely injured after being electrocuted.
A 7-year-old girl named Arnelyn Salibio was confirmed dead on arrival at the Island Clinic Boracay after being electrocuted in Brgy. Yapak in the island of Boracay.

At the same time, her mother identified as Rosita Salibio, 41 years old, and 7 months pregnant escaped the deadly incident, and she is currently recovering from her injuries.

However, the third victim known as Cristina Matillano, 31 years old, married with two children was also confirmed dead.

Faulty Electrical Power Lines Killed People in Boracay

The incident happened this morning at around 9 o'clock of the morning after power lines that straightly connected from the AKELCO electrical power post was a severed. According to witnesses, they heard a explosion from the pole of AKELCO and surprised that the people on the street are panicking.

With the coordination from the head of the family, Ludovico Salibio, he stated that they've tried to save these victims but failed to give an immediate treatment due to the powerful electrical voltage from the severed power lines dangling on the ground of their residence.

It was found that the victim Matillano was just visiting the house of Salibio Family to buy a papaya. By chance, those broken electrical wiring fell on the place to where she was standing.

Rosita Salibio was transferred immediately to Sangka Hospital in the town of Kalibo for more proper treatment.
Image of Two of the victims were confirmed dead, and the other one is severely injured after being electrocuted in the island of Boracay.
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