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The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is about to take another state visitation right after China and Japan.

The next target, Malaysia!

President Duterte said it is important to stop such lawlessness because these critically affecting the commerce and security in the area.

Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia joint forces to destroy nautical piracy and kidnapping.

Southern Philippines Sea Pirates Extermination

This Halloween season, the Philippine President reached out Davao City to solemnly pay a visit to his parents funerary grounds. Later on, he actively joined to tough-pressing journalists and answered some fault-finding questions. With these interrogations, the president felt responsible and ashamed that rebels and bandits find their refuge in the province of Sulu, affirmatively in the territory of the Philippines.
President Duterte is scheduled to visit Malaysia on November 9 and 10.

Also, the President is expected to visit Thailand to send condolences to the death of their king just recently.
Image of Video | President Rody Duterte On His Trip To Malaysia Soon

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