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Virginity still matters, no matter how we look at the angle of a couple relationship being pure and fresh is a sure win especially for both male and female. Needless to say, for a man who found himself to be the first to hit his partner's womanhood.

Ooops! Let's stop over there.

It is simply saying that most men prefer virgins rather that those with experience. Some however disagree about this idea and that viewpoint is biased considering that numbers of women gave away their virginity for the sake of love and submission — premarital sex.

In morality and religious aspect it is important for a woman to save her virginity until she is married. A reward for someone who is so deserving.

Regardless how different are people's opinions over virginity. There is a clear important role that virginity plays in coupling relationship.

How Can You Tell if a Girl Is Still a Virgin

Identifying a woman's virginity is not an easy task. You cannot force your way in, or you will face rape cases. This week, a video surfaces online claiming that with just a simple measuring technique you can tell both gender, male or female, are either virgins or not.

With just a lengthy piece of string to verify female's virginity? Hmmm...

This man on the video asked a pre-teen volunteer to prove his method. Saying that no one dares to accept his challenge due to this issue of virginity. Well, considering that the volunteered subject is maybe a grade schooler turning high school. There's no doubt about her physique.
Nais ko pong ibahagi sa inyo ang isang bagay na imposible kuno pero posible. Ang malaman kung virgin o hinde ang isang tao babae man o lalaki. Para sa mga binatang may nililigawan. At lalo na sa may mga anak na teenager na babae ito po ang paraan para malaman kong virgin o hinde ang isang babae. Marami na po akong sinubukan nito binata dalaga o matandang dalaga man. Kung paano? panoorin nyo po ang video na ito. Kung ano man po ang paliwanag kung bakit nagkaganon, pag tululungan po nating tuklasin ang dahilan...
Watch this video as he demonstrate his method of identifying men and women's virginity.
Doubtful about his procedure? Yes or no, have an intimate moment with someone else before? Then, try it yourself because personally you're aware about your status. You have your own virginity test to begin with, right?

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