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Who can be considered a famous historical person? Well, a man or a woman who has contributed to the society, either positively or negatively can be termed as a historically important person. Names like , Lincoln and Napoleon just might feature in lists of famous historical people, but there are others too that must find mention today in our list of top five influential historical people of all times. Read ahead to know more.
    Image of Marilyn Monroe
  1. Marilyn Monroe, American movie star - A global icon, Marilyn Monroe is regarded as one of the sexiest women ever to walk on earth. Miss Monroe left behind a rich legacy that cannot be matched with any other personality. People Magazine, in 2009 declared Monroe as the most powerful female pop cultural icon of the 29th century. Hers was a name that most of us have known growing up and she will always be remembered for her true sense of style and fashion.
  2. Image of Julius Caesar
  3. Julius Caesar, Roman Emperor, and politician - If there is anyone who can be touted as the most powerful personality of ancient times; it has to be Julius Caesar, a charismatic Roman emperor cum politician. Caesar brought about a revolution in the political scene of ancient Rome and also laid the foundation for a flourishing society that believed in equality of classes.
  4. Image of Jesus Christ
  5. Jesus Christ, a religious prophet - The most prominent religious figure in the history of mankind is none other than our dear prophet Jesus, the messiah of the people who sacrificed his own life for the good of people and preached about love, equality and justice. He is a figure that is most worshiped and has had a great influence on our thinking and ideologies.
  6. Image of Aristotle
  7. Aristotle, Greek Philosopher - Regarded as one of the greatest philosophers of the ancient world, the philosopher from Sagittarius, Aristotle propagated various life philosophies that laid the foundation for the growth and development of many strong societies all-around the globe. His teachings have become a source of learning for modern day mankind. A great teacher, Aristotle tutored Alexander the Great who spread his teacher’s preaching’s to all the places he conquered. He is deeply respected by men of different religions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The teachings of Aristotle have crossed continents to reach the masses in Africa, Middle East and Asia. In one of the research conducted by the MIT, it has been found that Aristotle remains as the most influential person to have ever lived on Earth. His theories are also considered to be the most effective.
  8. Image of Sigmund Freud
  9. Sigmund Freud, Psychologist - An Austrian by birth, Sigmund Freud is considered as the father of psychoanalysis. He founded the concept and theory related to modern day psychology and is best known for his theory called Oedipus Complex. This theory was proposed for the first time by Freud in his book The Interpretation of Dreams published in 1899. It was only in 1910 that the psychologist started using the term Oedipus Complex. According to this theory, a boy starts feeling sexual urges for his mother during psycho-sexual stages of his development. It comes during the stages of three, four and five years of age when a boy starts developing feelings of desire for his mother and grows a feeling of jealousy towards his father. A boy suffering from this complex is often seen competing with his father as to who gets the most attention from the mother. As a result of this complex, most boys start looking at their fathers as rivals. Freud’s theories have survived till today and have revolutionized the field of psychology and psychiatry.

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