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OK, so I'm back guys and it's almost half a year since I went on vacation and left dormant. Well, that hiatus is over and I brought this new article which could possibly help you somehow if we're talking about PC and the internet.

I recently moved to another place and unfortunately got rid some of my appliances including my desktop computer. And just other day, I bought a new desktop computer. The specs is quite average because all I'm doing is for blog.

Most of the desktop computer is not equipped with the WiFi chip. The same goes to mine, it only has Ethernet for LAN which is the wired connection.

WiFi USB Adapter Alternatives

Now, here in my apartment, we tenants share the WiFi so wherever you are as long as you are inside of its limited wireless coverage. You should be able to get online. The physical home modem or maybe a pocket hotspot is not in my safekeeping. Probably, it is somewhere inside the main office of this villa. Or maybe another tenant holds the device. I can't find any terminal in the hallway or inside my room to where I can plug my LAN cable.

It leaves me no choice but to connect wirelessly.
  • The problem I'm having is that I don't have a USB WiFi adapter.
  • I'm running out of bucks so I can't buy this USB WiFi adapter.
Some people tend to called to it USB WiFi dongle. Any alternatives to solve my problem?

Create Your Own USB WiFi Adapter

Let's see what I have here so far;
  1. A desktop computer.
  2. WiFi with active internet connection.
  3. An Andriod phone connected to the WiFi.
Can I connect my phone to PC using a USB cable, connect the phone to WiFi, not a wireless tethering from the network cellular data (SIM) but enabling me to use the WiFi to my PC?

In short, Android device as a WiFi adapter for PC?

The answer is affirmatively, YES!

Tutorials on How to Work with EasyTether

There is an application available on the Google Play that does the job. The name of the app is Easy Tether that shares the internet connection from your Android Phone to computer, tablet, router, and even gaming consoles.
Let's focus however to the common one, the desktop computer.

  1. First, using your Android device. Download all these stuffs.
  2. Install the driver software core package in your Windows computer. Allow all the necessary drivers to be installed.
  3. On your Android phone,
  4. If you plugged in the Android device already on the PC. I suggest to remove it. Then, open the installed Android app on your phone, and do the USB setup wizard. This will later ask you again to plug back the phone via USB cable to the computer.
  5. The last step, on your desktop system tray select the Easy Tether, right click on it and choose the USB: Android. The Android phone may ask you to recognize the fingerprinting for the USB Debugging, just allow it and save.

The Pros and Cons of Using Easy Tether

The Easy Tether Lite version has limited features such as accessing pages with HTTPS protocols. With this limitation expect that you can't log in to your favorite website. Especially, GMail, Facebook, and other services which require a secured connection like mobile banking apps.

Upgrading to EasyTether Pro however removes this limitation and you can fully enjoy all of its features. EasyTether does not require root devices so everyone can use the app. If you are satisfied, try to buy the EasyTether Pro and help its further development.

Before I forgot, the drawback I found on this app is the constant or frequent disconnection. Once this occurred try to manually reconnect by accessing the system tray. It's very unstable but hopefully this flaw may affix on the next update. I'm new with this app so if I missed something please leave it on the comment box below.
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How can I share Internet from my Android phone to laptop?
How can you use the Internet from your phone to your computer?
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