Electoral Protest Marcos Update ~ Kwentology

Robredo claims recount win, Marcos' poll recount - We won the vice presidency

Recount has a stated time by law mandated to finish it at all means within the prescribed period from the date of filing the protest, if they failed to follow it, the PET members must be impeach. Since 1986 the trust and confidence of the people already lost in the COMELEC, its time to abolish it through legislative to replace by a HYBRID ELECTION SYSTEM manage by trusted new government offices with a live telecast of all precincts and the public is allowed to use their gadget for live and/or video recording, the electric and communication company must ensure a 100% fully service during election period mostly on election day until the canvass of vote is done all if they failed a huge penalties they have to face 👊✌️

Truth or false, dinaya ba si Marcos? Hindi taong bayan ang dinaya at ninakaw ang boto natin. Rights natin bilang Pilipino at botante.

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