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Good day everyone, magandang araw sa lahat. Welcome to my Youtube channel, this is Mr. Browse and with this video we will be talking about another brand of mobile accessories concerning with the vlogging tools, or equipment natin sa pagba-vlog especially yung microphone.

I been reading, watching, and heard good feedback about BOYA BY-MM1 microphone. Since I don’t have the device yet, I recently bought this affordable mini microphone on Divisoria for about 150 pesos. It was too late when I checked the price sa Shopee it is only more or less somewhere 70 pesos…? So, medyo napamahal ako. But that’s fine, kasi I was able to dub and do some voice records for my videos. Pero I think I need some upgrades, so when I got enough funds as Youtuber. I decided to buy a microphone, preferably yung BOYA.

So, I browse Shopee again, checking the price and product reviews, I ended up with this SENDA SD-MM1.

This video is actually recorded with SENDA microphone attached. I guess this is the best way to do a review for the microphone.

Next Vlog (Legitimacy of Buying Online like feedback, seller response, location shipment fee, date and time)

The design is somewhat similar sa BOYA BY-MM1, then the seller has a good standard in rating, but yung tumulong sa akin to decide, this is it..! Ito na yung bibilhin ko is the positive reviews from the people who previously bought this SENDA microphone.

I put the link of the item on the description, so just check it out. Isasama ko na rin siguro yung link of the seller para makita pa natin ibang product nya.

I paid this order nung tanghali ng Oct 22, 2019, nareceived ko yung item afternoon ng 24th of October, 2 days yung gap with the help of J&T Express.

So ito na sya, ito ma yung SENDA vlogging microphone. I browse Google to check any reviews about it pero wala so this probably ako pa lang ang gagawa ng review para sa brand na ito. I already asked the seller about the differences of BOYA and SENDA dahil may similarity sila halos sa specs at design and they told me aside from the brand name, everything is the same.

That’s convincing, di ba?

Now, let’s check it out!
  • First, this microphone was built to improve sound quality both voice records and videos, as to facilitate the device built-in microphone.
  • Number 2, it is a cardioid microphone, meaning unidirectional sya. It captures voices only to that direction to where it is facing, and there is a heart pattern, a region of to where it records your voices but ignore those which are not inside the range.
  • Number 3, compact size, maliit lang sya and made of lightweight aluminium frame kaya magaan at hindi ka mahihirapan sa pagshoshoot ng video. Good sya for smartphones, DSLR, camcorders, PCs marami pang iba. Not like other microphone this one doesn’t need a battery to operate, it’s a plug and play.
  • Lastly, this comes with useful accessories, like furry windshield or yung iba tawag nila dito patay na pusa. Anti-shock mount, which reduces unnecessary movements and vibrations. Cables for connecting the microphone to DLSR or smartphone. Pouch for organizing and storage of microphone set.

That covers the whole thing for SENDA SD-MM1 microphone. Maraming microphone ang naglalabasan at siguradong mas malupit, pero as a beginner for vlog it’s recommended to start with a quality but affordable set up. If a cheaper mic can ensure your success in vlogging why not, di ba? As long as it suits to our expectation, microphone like SENDA SD-MM1 is just we need.

Thank you for watching, this is Mister Browse and God bless, Kwentologist.
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