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This is a worth sharing story of an Overseas Filipina Worker (OFW) who is now suffering from a severe orthodontic problems after using an improvised "Do-it-yourself" (DIY) dental braces.

Do-it-yourself Braces Terrible Orthodontic Experience

The story was first introduced on Facebook, circulated claiming that the patient is indeed a Filipina. Tracing however the real dentist (probably a Filipino as well) who shared the story is a little bit difficult. Regardless, the story is really disturbing, proof of photos revealed how serious DIY dental braces negatively affect the dental arrangement.

According to the dentist, the patient arrived at the clinic asking for the price to have 'them' grind.

The dentist asked what exactly the patient wants to be grinded and why? And the patient answered that she wants to get rid of her two frontal teeth which are now squished on outward stretching position.

Wait, grind her teeth?

The dentist however notices that the patient has a super prominent set of teeth and obviously harnessed with dental braces. How did that happened? Who was her previous dentist? Judging the patient's condition, the dentist has something to conclude, a common result of a fake dental treatment conducted by someone who isn't professional on the field of ortho-dentistry.
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The dentist told his patient that there's no way that he [considering of unknown gender for the dentist] can grind her teeth. Grinding her teeth to achieve the same level as the other sets may only cause serious dental damages.

DIY Braces, Affordable Yet with Painful Side Effects

Given the dire dental situation of the patient, the doctor made a thorough checked up where he learned that the person who put those brackets, wires, and rubbers was actually not a licensed dentist. Plus, the braces installation procedure only happened at home. The patient keeps on visiting that person for changing rubbers (adjustments).

The Filipino dentist therefore concluded that the person behind this miserable teeth alignment committed medical malpractice and probably offering a DIY braces. The dentist stated such condition is really heartbreaking. To have it fix, they've suggested to remove the current braces and replace it with the exact one for a proper treatment.

Dental braces are meant to fix not to destroy your teeth. I posted this here in my blog to raise an awareness and support real people of orthodontics. Information for people who are planning to have braces as well.

DIY Braces or What?

According to the dentist, installing dental braces is not as simple as you have to pick desired colors of rubber to suit your fashion expectations. Before fitting, it needs comprehensive test and analysis. Having cheap DIY braces is not a good option at all because in the end you will be facing issues like tooth extraction and dentures if everything gone wrong.

They are calling to stop patronizing DIY dental braces, seek the professional for proper caring of your tooth. Dentist study a lot to bring you a better smile, not like an anterior, a piano, a rabbit or something worst than that.

If you found people who are malpracticing dental treatment you can immediately report it to any head of dental chapter in your area.

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Image of The Story of a Filipina Whose DIY Dental Braces Gone Wrong
Image of The Story of a Filipina Whose DIY Dental Braces Gone Wrong
Image of The Story of a Filipina Whose DIY Dental Braces Gone Wrong
Image of The Story of a Filipina Whose DIY Dental Braces Gone Wrong
Worth reading!

Encountered this today. DIY BRACES!

May patient na dumating, nagtatanong, magkano daw mag pa grind ng ngipin. And then i asked, anong ipapagrind mo at bakit? yung two front teeth daw nya ang ipapagrind nya kasi mahaba daw, which i can obviously see kasi super prominent naman while she's speaking and i can see na may braces siya. And then i asked her, sinong dentist mo? (at the back of my mind iniisip ko na, anong nagyari?!! Bakit ganyan?!) And then i told her na there's no way that i can grind her teeth para lumevel sa iba kasi matatamaan na yung pinaka ugat ng ngipin niya kung gagawin namin yon. Pinaupo namin siya sa dental chair para icheck pa at yan ang nakita namin. Grabe. Nagulat ako sa nakita ko. And then sabi ko sino ba ang dentist mo, sino ba nag oortho sayo? And then, eto na, sabi niya, HINDI daw kasi licensed yung nag gawa sa kanya, tapos sinabi ko na, pero dentista siya? At ayun, HINDI nga daw DENTISTA. Not sure kung totoo, nasa bahay lang daw at pinupuntahan lang daw nya every now and then para magpapalit ng rubbers, at last september siya huling nag papalit ng rubbers(adjust?), meaning, aminado din naman siya, na hindi siya aware na mali na pala at di na maganda ang nangyayari sa ngipin niya. Para sakanya daw ay okay pa naman daw. Sabi ko, di na okay yan. Patanggal mo na yan immediately tapos inexplain namin sa kanya lahat ng "pwede pang" mangyari kung ipagpapatuloy nya pa yung braces nya. Grabe, ang sakit sa puso makakita ng ganito. Knowing na braces are meant to fix not to destroy your teeth.👍

I posted this to raise an awareness, para sa mga tao na gusto mag pa brace, ang pag papa brace ay hindi lang basta nilalagyan ng brackets at mga kolorekolorete na iba ibang kulay na pwede kang pumili ng green at red na rubbers dahil magpapasko na, there's more to that, sangkaterbang pagaaral at analysis bago kayo kabitan, hindi yan basta basta. At hindi porket mura e makakatipid ka, baka mas mamamahalan ka pa para sa pagpapabunot at pagapapapustiso mo. Kaya please wag nyong i patronize ang DIY BRACES kasi ang pagpapagalaw at pag aayos namin ng ngipin nyo ay may principles na sinusunod, ang principles na yun ay meant para umayos yang ngipin mo at hindi para gawing anteriors lahat ng ngipin mo, magmukha kang piano, rabbit o kung ano pa man. Kaya kung makakita man kayo ng ganito, ireport nyo nalang agad sa Head ng Dental Chapter nyo, para matulungan din at mastop yung ganito.
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