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Where There is Life — There's a Story

Kwentology — it comes from two words. "Kwento" a Filipino word means Story and "logy" which is study. We have so many things to tell, say and speak about. Just like most children stories we will never be extinct. The more stories to tell the more existence we earn.

The main essence of our survival is to educate, inform and empower people about its benefit. Something that motivate us to go on further.

You can freely use this website to satisfy your life curiosity, or provide ideas to overcome momentarily circumstances.

Find fascinating information and incredible facts in life here in Kwentology.

All articles here were provided with 99.9% accurate based on reference we used to gathered information. Please feel free to contact us if you have something to suggest.

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The Man Behind The Story — Kwentologist

alter ego "Browse" - Hi, thank you so much for dropping by and for our returning visitors we glad that we been part of your browsing history. I'm working as a Sales Representative for a U.S. based Cable Company here in the Philippines. Also, I've worked with Telecom Company as a Technical Support Representative, and dealt with broadband and mobile phone problems.

I'm a self learner. Back in year 2009 I'd managed to learn a little bit of programming. That is when I was a Cellphone Technician. So on I become a blogger which I spend my time posting articles using my mobile phone. Thanks to Wordpress the interface is really mobile-friendly. A packed of ready to use HTML codes saved in my phone memory makes everything becomes handy. Operamini mobile web browser helps me to place and lessen my data usage while I maintaining this website. The name "Browse" was first introduced by our Head of Mobile Phone Technician. He caught me browsing internet while at work. The credit goes to him. I owed him a lot for he was the one who taught me how to navigate the computer's advance options. I really love the concept of Science that's why I created this website.

Together with other Kwentologist let us join in a free speech conversation. Take note that we also have additional section for other topics and its related categories.

Photos and images are copyrighted by me or taken from their respective owners. We use it to help us convey messages and thoughts in every article we published. Also, this website is free from grammar or typo errors, probably about 99% and there's just 1% left to worry. :-D