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Your Guest Post Still Matters
If you have a plan of sending us a guest post for purpose of sharing information, educational stuffs, news, and anything may come useful to everyone don't hesitate to give us a message. However, if you're looking for some blogs or websites that can give you link back to generate SEO ranks. We apologize, since Google and related search engine companies have continue filtering what is good and what is not. We are now stopping from giving you backlinks.

If you’re a SEO content writer writing on behalf of a ecommerce or commercial website, please consider buy an ad unit since we are no longer accepting sponsored posting. We can still accept guest post with external links but be advised that there would be a "nofollow" attributes and you must agree on it. Placing outgoing links inside body post has limitation, though. So please use them accordingly.

[1.] Due to the unpredictable updates made by different search engines especially Google and some related SEO concerns. [2.] Unrelated request or demands about published articles or to be published. Our team came up with the resolution to continue revising the guidelines.

Guest posts are generally written by other bloggers or from a person who has a desire to tell a story and sponsored posts are written by, or on behalf of, a company or organization to advertise a free or paid service. Please visit this page of buying ad units. We're no longer accepting posts written on behalf of your company or client so just get ad units instead.

Again, guest posting is totally ''FREE'' that we can serve to anyone who wants to share something.

As long as there are no affiliate links, no link selling, no link stuffing. As mentioned earlier, if you intend to write a post for advertising purpose, please visit this advertisement page.
Kwento of Your Story
Submit Your Story - iKwento Mo!
Again, we still accepting guest and but not sponsored posts. If you have some story to tell. Then, it's time for you to share it now! Kwentology likes to have your points of view. At the moment, we’re only accepting articles from writers, and readers on the following topics but we may consider other topics relating to technology in case it’s a well-documented article. We accept posts which is related to what we have so far which includes:
  • Tips for Blogging and Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • History, Facts, Myths and Urban Legends
  • Mobile Gadgets - Reviews and Insights
  • Science and Technology
  • Computer Tips and Tricks
  • Food
  • Science Investigatory Project and Documented Experiment
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Editorial, News, etc.
If you have interest in writing for us and having your post published, please write to kwentology@gmail.com or use our contact page.
Guidelines of Kwento Submission
A. We care so much about originality and we do not expect a submitted post to have previously appeared before anywhere, not even on your blog. We also hope the submitted article will not appear somewhere else in the near future.
B. We don't accept posts written solely for the purpose of advertising a product, website or some paid services.
C. Posts with too much external links or affiliate links may be rejected. Please, only link to what you know is actually relevant to the content of your post, preferably your blog. If we realize you’re linking too much to your blog, we may not be able to publish your post. However, you can highlight your blog in the byline which should be a sentence or two. This will be shown below your blog post.
D. Please note that we may edit your post before publishing and you must agree to this.
E. Your post must be long enough to be called a blog post though we believe more in quality than the quantity of words contained therein. The choice of length is yours but we sure won’t accept a blog with just a few words.
F. Images sometimes convey messages which can’t be expressed in the content of a blog post. We encourage you to use one or two images or screenshot (where applicable) in your guest post.
G. Also, include a byline which should highlight you and your blog. You’re free to add your picture to this.
H. We will contact you whether or not the post will be published. Please be patient as we may need to go through the post and do some background work on it to determine its authenticity.
I. For infographics you must submit the photo accompanied with a brief textual introduction about it.
J. Please be sure to attach required documents, such as written article, images (if any), and don't forget to add your ''Bio.'' Incomplete submission may lead holding your request. It may take some time before we can go on and process it.
K. Once your article goes online, you can no longer ask for removal. Any reason will be declined.
L. Guest posts, once approved will stay on the website permanently. But, we will keep implementing strict procedures on reviewing it.
M. This is the most important one. Guest authors must agree that the article will get a ''nofollow'' attribute on its hyperlinks (but only when after we review it and does not fit on the guidelines), though we will still contacting contributors regarding this.

It's not yet over, for you and for us. All linkbacks or hyperlinks added on guest articles and Bio section will remain for 3 months maximum. To let these links permanent, contributors must have a total of 100 social shares from Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. It will be calculated with the use of 'share buttons' below each of every article.
  • Though, this only applies to new articles. Articles that already on the website prior to this new guidelines will remain untouched.
Going back to the third guideline, we won’t accept post that link to sites that are unrelated to personal growth. That means that you can’t sell links to your clients from your article. Any link you add in your post should either serve a purpose for the article or shall be a link back to your page but no affiliate links please.

We reserve the right to edit the post as needed (for example, to fix spelling or grammar errors) and to reject post that I feel is not appropriate for this web site or for the niche it belongs to.

We will be glad to have your post published in our next update.